Playoff Preview #1 – Series Starting Wednesday

This years playoffs promise to be particularly unpredictable. Literally every series could go either way and honestly, there is not a single series I am sure of! So lets ignore the stats and just predict!

Below I will break down each series with head to head numbers, my prediction, and a a justification.

The West

Canucks vs. Flames

Head to Head

  • 4 wins each in 8 match-ups this season


  • Flames in 7 games.


  • Despite the Canucks looking more stable and probably more likely to win the series, the Flames have a never-say-die attitude which helped get them in the playoffs in the first place. They will be a hungry team and that is an unmeasurable factor that will likely have a big impact. It will take 7 games and the Canucks will likely lead every game at some point.

Predators vs. Blackhawks

Head to Head

  • Blackhawks won 3 of 4.


  • Blackhawks in 6 games.


  • Until this morning I had the Predators chosen to win this series. I thought Chicago’s continued playoff success might catch up to them and they may be fatigued, especially with Patrick Kane out. But Kane is cleared for game 1 and will be a huge factor in helping his team win this series. Pekka Rinne may be able to steal a few games, but I don’t think Chicago can be slowed down enough to allow the Predators more than 2 wins.

The East

Canadiens vs. Senators

Head to Head:

  • The Senators won 3 of 4.


  • Senators in 7 games.


  • I can’t justify this. While the Senators dominated the Canadiens and Carey Price this season, Montreal is one of the best teams in the league and has a goalie having on of the best seasons of all-time. The Senators have a Cinderella story writing itself, and they will somehow come out on top. It might take seven games, but the Senators, like the Flames, have an “X” factor that will get them to the next round and leave the hockey world scratching its head.

Capitals vs. Islanders

Head to Head:

  • Each team won the two games played at home. 2 wins apiece in 4 meetings.


  • The Capitals in 7 games.


  • It is finally time for the Capitals to take the next step. They are a highly entertaining and extremely explosive team to watch. Ovechkin has scored 50 goals for the 6th time in his career and you know he is burning for a cup now more than ever. I don’t think the Islanders can sustain the pace they played at in the regular season and even if they do play extremely well, I don’t think the Capitals can be slowed down offensively.

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