A Final Thought on the Oilers Before Playoff Time

With the playoffs starting tomorrow, the pain of another losing season stings just a little bit more as other teams prepare to chase the cup.

The Oilers are not one of those teams. They have not been one of those teams in nine seasons. And according to Craig MacTavish, they will not be one of those teams next year.

MacT’s end-of-the-season press conference did not have any comments about “Norris potential”, but the Oilers GM did not say what fans and the media and city and the players want to hear: we are going to win.

False promises of too-good-to-be-true prospects, and the constant reminder that “we will get better eventually” are not things anyone in this city wants to hear. MacTavish strayed away from saying that Nelson would return as head coach but the way he spoke of Todd sounded like he was happy with the job he had done to close out the season, but that he won’t be back. That’s what I thought anyway.

He commented on the potential first defensive pairing of Klefbom – Schultz next year. Basically stating there was potential, but hardly saying that they are good enough.

Craig made a point that he was losing credibility in this city and most fans and media are probably in agreement with that statement. He hasn’t done what is needed to win and seems hesitant to be bold like he promised.

No more Oilers talk until the draft… PLAYOFFS, BABY!


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