A Win for the West

Last night, a rag-tag Oilers squad put together a valiant effort to defeat the Stanley Cup Champions two of the last three years. And while that was a meaningless game for the Oilers, the Jets, Flames, and Canucks all seriously needed the Oilers to win. Here’s how the night broke down…

Oilers defeat the Kings 4 – 2. Kings stay in 9th in west, 4th in division, and out of a playoff spot.

Canucks clinch a playoff berth due to Kings loss.

Jets defeat Blues 1 – 0. Jets gain 3-point lead on Kings for last wild card spot in West. Both teams have 2 games to play.

Flames defeat Coyotes 3 – 2. Flames maintain a 2-point lead on Kings for final division playoff spot. Flames will finish ahead of Kings in ROW so the Kings will need to flatout beat the Flames on points.

Had the Oilers, Flames, or Jets lost, the West playoff picture would look a lot different. And with the playoff race being so tight, last nights win for the Oilers was crucial for every other Western Canadian team. That’s a good thing.

As for the Kings, making the playoffs will be a big task. With only the Jets and Flames having not clinched a spot the Kings will need to win out their final games to have a chance to clinch one of the final two spots. If the Flames defeat the Kings on Thursday night they will be in.

And with Winnipeg and Calgary facing off in the final game of the season, the Kings will literally have no chance of making the playoffs if they do not win on Thursday.

And all Canadian hockey fans can get behind that.


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